Please note: The questions and answers found here apply only to kikaDESIGN clients.

The answer here is both yes—and no. We can help but only up to a point. Most of your security is going to come from making sure your site is up to date (check out our recommended link below) and from your web hosting company. Having a recent backup of your site is definitely something to keep around (we recommend at least a monthly backup—weekly if you’re posting frequently).

If you’re really worried about your site getting hacked, we can install a plugin to help you keep an eye on the WordPress side of things.  Check out kD Recommends for our choice in security plugins.

Fine print: Because nothing is ever 100% fool-proof, we cannot guarantee that by installing any recommended software or plugin your site will stay safe from hackers. kikaDESIGN cannot and will not be held liable if something does happen to your site.