Level of Difficulty: Beginner

Linking to media files is easy and there are a couple ways to do it depending on your WordPress version.

The first thing to figure out is if you’re using WordPress Gutenberg or not (see images below). WordPress Gutenberg uses blocks to build. WordPress Classic uses editor with boxes and a toolbar.

Option #1: Linking via text
(same for both versions of WordPress)

With your mouse, highlight the text you’d like to link to your file then click on the link icon (hint: it looks a bit like a paperclip). You can either paste in your link or choose from the posts, pages, and media currently on your site.

Option #2: Direct Media Insertion

2A. WordPress Gutenberg
If you would like to link to a media file, locate the + button (upon hover, it will say “Add Block”). Choose the file block. From there, you will have the option to upload a new file or use an existing file from your Media Library. You will have the option to type in the linking text.

2B. Classic WordPress
If you would like to link to a media file, locate the “Add Media” button. This will open your existing Media Library. You can choose to either use an existing media file or you can select the tab that says “upload files” and upload a new media file. Once your file is uploaded, make sure to adjust the title to whatever you’d like your linking text to be.

  • Classic WordPress Editor Classic WordPress Editor
  • Gutenberg Editor