Level of Difficulty: Beginner

From the dashboard, on the left side of the screen find (and let your mouse hover over) “Pages”. A sub menu will come up and show your options.

“All Pages” will show you the pages you already have.
“Add New” will allow you to add your new page.

Here are the steps to successfully creating your new page:

(1) Enter your new title

TIP: After you have entered your title, you will notice that a little line called “Permalink” appears under the title. If you have entered a long page title, I would recommend changing the permalink to something easy (shorter is better). To do this, just click the “Edit” button to the side of this text and change to what you would like the permalink to be. For example: I create and title my new page “All About kikaDESIGN”. My permalink would read: www.kikawebdesign.com/all-about-kikadesign. Now, I will click on the edit button and change the text to be “about”. Now my permalink will read “www.kikawebdesign.com/about”.

(2) Enter your content

TIP #1: Make your content user friendly and easy to read. Break up longer paragraphs with images.

TIP #2: Do not manually change colors within the text. Rely upon the colors that have been set in your template. Use the tags that are under your styling options. By doing this, you will stay with your current color palette and, in the future, if you change your colors, you won’t have to worry about that old red clashing with your new pink. Anything you manually input will have to be manually changed later!