This refers to the navigation or menu of your website (ie. Home, About, Blog, Contact, etc). If you would like to add a page, remove a page, or even rearrange the order of appearance of this section, you will need to go to APPEARANCE>MENUS.

Important note: It is possible you may have more than one menu. Make sure you have chosen the correct menu before from the dropdown list before making any changes. Menu’s are usually named to reflect where they go (ie. Header Menu refers to the top menu whereas Footer Menu would be at the bottom of the page).

The menu interface is drag and drop so rearranging is easy. If you notice your menu item is indented under another, that means you’ve made it a subpage of the item above it. This means you have created a dropdown menu.

To add a new item to your menu, check the box of that item from the left column and then drag it to where you want it to appear in the menu list.

When all changes have been made, make sure to hit “Save Menu”